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In 1980, Gautam Adani was an ordinary worker in a Mumbai diamond processing unit earning a salary

of Rs 1,000 a month. Today, Adani, 45, straddles a vast empire which boasts an annual turnover of Rs

23,000 crore. It’s a long way from his early days of struggle when he quit his diamond polishing job to

travelling around Ahmedabad on a scooter, selling plastic pipes.

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-------X------- hails from Moolaipozhi village in the former Tirunelveli District of TamilNadu in 1946. He received his engineering degree from PSG College of Technology in 1968 and started his career in DCM's calculator division. ln 1976 he founded a company with an investment of Rs 187,000 from the 6 other founders and added Uttar Pradesh government as a equity partner. In 1996 -------X------ founded ---Y--- in Chennai, Tamil Nadu in the name of his father. Give X & Y
• Y – Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering (SSNCE)

Expand FUNT in the context of the current economic crisis
Financially untouchable
Which was the first fully privately owned Television channel in India when it emerged in 1993. It remains the most viewed TV channel in the world in its language and is part of Rs 16000-crore network

Bobby Kooka

His parents are the promoters of hitech group of companies and he studied at the Doon school, Dehradun and later at St.Stephen’s school, Chandigrah. He did his BBA from university of Colorado. Identify the person and the company in which he is the CEO.
Abhinav Bindra and Abhinav futuristics

The first board of directors of Reserve Bank of India

Until 1993, AIR a government undertaking, was th
e only radio broadcaster in India. The government then took the initiative to privatize the radio broadcasting sector. Which was the first private FM station to be launched?
Radio Mirchi

This company's name is actually taken from a Hebrew name meaning Spring or Renewal. The Company was formerly called CGNU, and was created by a merger of Norwich Union and CGU plc in 2000. In May 2008 it became Norwich Cit
y Football Club's main sponsor. Name the company.
X asked that its logos be removed in scenes taking place in the slums. The company, according to Danny Boyle, did not want to be associated with the poverty-stricken area, fearing that that might taint its image.
Identify X
Mercedes Benz


The most ineffective workers are systematically moved to the place where they can do the least damage: management. How do u better know this as ?

X was a Scottish born American steel baron in the late 19th and early 20th century who later sold his steel empire to JP Morgan, leading to the formation of US Steel, and became a philanthropist. Identify X
Andrew Carnegie

A branch of this company is descended from the industrial glassmaker Boussois-Souchon-Neuvesel (BSN), which was founded by the family of Antoine Riboud. After a failed attempted takeover battle for its larger rival Saint-Gobain, Riboud transformed it into one of Europe's leading groups in the 1970s through a series of acquisitions and mergers. Which co are we talking about?
Groupe Danone

In 2005, he featured in a Chrysler Advertisment with the legendary Auto Industry veteran Lee Iacocca, wherein he gave his own version of Iacocca's famous pitchline, "If you can find a better car, buy it." as " If the ride is more fly, then you must buy " Later Iacocca confessed - " I didn't understand half the things he was telling me, but it was fun." Name this person behind the clothing line " Rich & Infamous "
Snoop Dogg

In 1907 there was a great need in America for private messenger and delivery services. To helpmeet this need, an enterprising 19-year-old, borrowed $100 from a friend and established a company. James E. (“Jim”) Casey borrowed $100 from a friend and established the X in Seattle, Washington. This is currently known to us as UPS.
American Messenger Company

In many ways, the entire business of brand building in India started with Xs first ad for West end Watches.
X also advertised the now defunct gripe water brand, Ramthirth Brahmi Oil, the first indian color ad.
Identify X
Dattaraman n Co.

The Harmsworth brothers (John, Alfred & Harold) founded 3 newspapers : the Glasgow daily record, the Daily Mail, and the Daily Mirror (which was the first newspaper exclusively for women).However ,they are remembered in the world of beverages thanks to an exercise regimen using an Indian device which they popularized in Britain(by extensive advertorials in their newspapers) .What everlasting
contribution to design did they bring about?
The Perrier Bottle design was based on the Indian Clubs used by the
Harmsworth brothers for their exercise regimen

X was founded in 1897 and has been published daily ever since. X, a newyork magazine is printed in tabloid format.
Jameson, who began his journalistic career as a reporter for X while still in high school, is the editor-in-chief. Jameson purchased the then-floundering company with inheritance funds, from his recently deceased father-in-law and turned the paper into a popular success.
Identify X.
Daily Bugle, of Spiderman fame!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009



The TIME magazine came out with the year end edition having Lists of "Top Ten" in different categories.It was interesting to find a list of "Top Ten Bank Slogans".All these taglines did their bit in reassuring people in the times of Economic turmoil.These taglines were used by the banks in the year 2008.

Washington mutal :”Whoo hoo!”

Lehman Brothers :”Where vision gets built”

AIG :”The strength to be there”

IndyMac :”You can count on us”

Capital One :”What’s in your wallet?”

World Financial Group:”No family left behind”

Morgan Stanley :”World wise”

Security Pacific Bank :”Smarter money”

Nationwide :”Protection”

T.Rowe Price :”Invest with confidence”

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 IITM DOMS organised their Management fest form jan 23rd to 25th.The Business quiz was hosted by CTO of TCS Mr.Anantha Krishnan.Here is a look at the questions from the prelims. 

  1. The company uses this punch line even in India  “Vorsprung durch Technik”. AUDI
  2. Identify.In 1981, Michael X co-founded a company called Innovative Market Systems. This company was later renamed as X, the surname of Michael X. The company X went on to become a USD 4.7 bn $ company with one-third of the entire market share. Michael X gave up his CEO position in 2001, in order to run for the elections (to a mayoral position), which he subsequently won. Identify X. Michael Bloomberg
  3. The logo of which famous brand features the Visconti family's red cross and biscione (human child-bearing serpent) coat of arms emblazoned over the great door of Castello Sforzesco.  Alfa Romeo
  4. After being modified into a joint–stock company in 1991-92, this company has gone on to become the fourth largest corporation in the world. Identify the company. Gazprom
  5. This Airliner started operations with flights to Karachi and Mumbai followed by Delhi. In the beginning, two Airbus A300 and Boeing 737-300 were leased from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) for operations. Identify this Airline operator. Emirates Airlines
  6. I am a businessman from Texas, who is best known for seeking the office of President of the United States in 1992 and 1996. I founded EDS in 1962 and then sold the company to General Motors in 1984. If that was not enough, I also founded, in 1988, a company which has been ranked number two company in the information technology services category on its list of America's Most Admired Companies for the past two years by Fortune Magazine and is still one of the largest IT companies worldwide. Identify me. Ross Perot
  7. Once the contract manufacturing arm of Taiwan's Acer Computer Corporation, this Corporation has come into its own as a leading manufacturer of computer peripherals and digital media equipments. After splitting off from Acer in 2001, it has begun a push to establish its own brand which is marketed under the slogan "Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to Life“. Identify the company. BENQ
  8. This family is the founder of Anglo American PLC, which is the largest share holder in De Beers. As cricket players and enthusiastic supporters of the game, the current heirs maintain a cricket ground at Randjesfontein and their sponsorship of the first warm-up tour match between a team under their family name and overseas teams touring South Africa that year is a regular feature of sorts. What family are we talking about? Oppenheimer family
  9. This company is a major American defense contractor and industrial corporation. It is the world's largest producer of guided missiles and makes of missiles such as Patriot, Maverick, Sidewinder and Tomahawk. Its name literally means “Light of the gods" in Greek. What company are we talking about? Raytheon
  10. The company's history dates back to the 1870s and includes engineering feats such as the transplantation of the Abu Simbel rock temples in Egypt to save them from the rise of the River Nile caused by the Aswan High Dam. However, the company's reputation was tarnished by World War II, when it built the Führerbunker in Berlin, scene of Adolf Hitler's suicide. Identify the company. Hotcheif
  11. It is probably of the world’s largest environment companies and one of the first private waste management companies to get a contract in India (Chennai to be specific). Its current name is derived from Aeolus, the keeper of the winds in Greek mythology. The reference to air is heightened by the first letter of its name, which is also the first letter of the French word for the wind. Earlier it was a part of a media conglomerate Compagnie Générale des Eaux which had activities in music, television and film, publishing, telecommunications, the Internet, and video games. Identify the company. Veolia Environment
  12. The company X was formed by Henry.M.Leland, who was one of the founders of Cadillac. In 1917, he left Cadillac to form X and named it after his long-time hero and legendary American President X. Identify X. Lincoln
  13. This San Francisco-based company which trades on NYSE now under the symbol V raised $17.9 billion in March 2008 to complete the largest IPO in U.S. history – Name it. VISA
  14. ES/A Purple is produced by De La Rue identity systems. What is it used for? Election Ink
  15. Which telephone operator was the first company to launch Google’s Android based phones? Which company’s handset did they use? T Mobile, HTC
  16. Saravana Stores has used its brand name for all its ventures except this one which started few years back.Now it is present in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu and has gained considerable market share.Which Saravana Brand? Jamaai
  17. Which Indian corporate group with revenue of approximately  USD 2.4 billion has the tagline “ SOLID DRIVEN”? MURUGAPPA GROUP
  18. This company holds the largest market share in a product category in India. The brand name of this company was first used by Romans to denote an island group off the coast of North-West Europe. Identify the brand. Britannia
  19. A man named Israel Beer Josaphat began a continental pigeon post 1849 at Aachen, Germany, and in 1851 set up a news agency in London. In 1858 he persuaded the press to use his news telegrams, and turned it into a  worldwide service. Who? REUTERS
  20. In 1870, a chemist was experimenting with charcoal to find out if it had any inherent medicinal properties & one  night he left a chuck of charcoal near to an open bottle of Iodoform accidentally. The following morning he found that the charcoal had  absorbed the fumes from the bottle entirely.  This led a businessman to use charcoal filtration in his process & achieve a good quality which made his product to be differentiated in it's market and he went on to mint millions of money. Which product did the businessman make? SMIRNOFF
  21. This bank turned financial-services company was in the top 50 ranks of the Fortune Global 500 list; before going defunct in late 2008! It was finally acquired by a bank that paid 7 times what a rival bank was willing to pay. Name the company. WACHOVIA
  22. This NYSE-listed company was founded in the late 18th century and close to 3000 other companies do business with them. It was the most (in)famous entity in the stock market crash of 1929, and is often blamed for the Great Depression. Its main building is located near the Wall Street. Which company are we talking about? NYSE
  23. This area located on the south bank of the Haldi River, for all its popularity doesn’t have a railway connection ? Identify this place. Nandigram
  24. This person is said to have originated the idea of free marketing wherein you sell something at a cheaper rate if it gives you successive business. He once said, ''I have done more than anyone else to change the face of mankind‘’. Who is this person ? King Camp Gillette
Try the quiz.Post your answers in the Comment box.Answers will be put up in a week's time

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For the third year in a row, renowned quiz master Mr.Gopal Kidao hosted the Kurukshetra Business quiz, in College of Engineering,Guindy.The prelims had a healthymix of questions ranging from "sitter" to "toughies".Here is a look at the questions from the prelims.

##Which cosmetic’s use was practically non-existent until the mass production of plastic shoes revealed toes for the first time in the late 1940s? Nail Polish 

##This was founded by Time co-founder Henry Luce in February 1930, four months after the Wall Street Crash of 1929 that marked the outset of the Great Depression. Briton Hadden, Luce's partner, wasn't enthusiastic about the idea, but Luce went forward with it after Hadden's October 15, 1929 death. Name this magazine. Fortune

##Canada-based Harlequin Enterprises has set up a subsidiary in India to print and distribute which well-known fiction brand? Mills&Boon

##There is some confusion over whether he was named after a scientist or a comic book character. In the book Rebel Code, he is quoted as saying that he thinks he was named equally for both, noting that this makes him half “Nobel-prize-winning chemist” and half “blanket-carrying cartoon character.” Who? Linus Torvalds

##This publishing company is a for-profit subisdiary of the Washington Post Company,  founded in 1938 by it eponymous founder who started the business by tutoring students for the New York State Regents Exam in the basement of his Brooklyn home. The company today provides higher education programs, professional training courses, test preparation materials and other services for various levels of education. Identify this company. Kaplan

##In the 1930s, the now defunct ___ ____ company did something for the first time in the history of stock options. It issued an IPO and then gave its share underwriters the option of selling additional shares in a registered securities setting. The option could vary in size upto 15% of the original IPO. Since that time, an "over-allotment option" similar to this has been called ____ ____ in the name of the company that first did this. Fill in the blanks. Green shoe

##Duchy Originals – the natural, organic product brand which is to make an entry into India and US this year as part of its $5 billion expansion was founded by whom?     Prince Charles 

##Which MNC lighting company (now globally bought over by Havell's except in some markets where Osram owns it, making it the largest Indian takeover of an electric company)  started in the US state of Pennsylvania, and was quite popular in Indian in the 1980s in a joint venture with an Indian company? Sylvania

##What was originally built by LA Times publisher Harry Chandler as an epic $21,000 billboard for his upscale real estate development in 1923? The Sign soon took on the role of giant marquee for a city that was constantly announcing its own gala premiere.Hollywood Sign

##In 1967 he joined the technology company of Bolt Beranek and Newman where he helped develop the TENEX operating system. His pioneering achievement was dismissed by colleagues as “Don't tell anyone! This isn't what we're supposed to be working on.” Who? Ray Tomilson,the guy who fonded E-Mail

##Which organization has its history succinctly depicted on this stamp? Kirloskar

##In 1928 "Blacksmith Hansen" and his son Peder Hansen establish Dansk Staalvindue Industri which manufactured stee
l window frames for industrial buildings.Peder Hansen later left this and together with nine other people established another company whose name was quickly abbreviated to what? VESTAS

 ##Which company with estimated revenues of 1 billion USD and the first or second most desired job for recent MBA graduates since 1996, has no official HQ? McKinsey

##This is the rollback man. Whose logo? Roll Back man
##He taught mathematics to Leonardo da Vinci, wrote a chess book but his fame rests on having laid down the fundamentals of ‘double entry accounting’. Who? 
Luca Pacioli 

##Excerpt from a 1990 work - “XY are the collective learning in the organisation, especially how to co-ordinate diverse production skills and integrate multiple streams of technologies...XY is communication, involvement and a deep commitment to working across organisational boundaries...XY does not diminish with use. Unlike physical assets, which do deteriorate over time, XY are enhanced as they are applied and shared”. XY being which term being introduced in this 1990 work for the first time?
Core Competancy

##What was started by these people? Twitter

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THE FINANCIAL TIMES has released its annual list of "100 TOP GLOBAL MBA".

1.University of Pennsylvania: Wharton: Wharton , USA

1.London Business School , UK

3.Harvard Business School , USA

4.Columbia Business School , USA


6.Stanford University GSB , USA

6.IE Business School , SPAIN

8.Ceibs , CHINA

9.MIT: Sloan , USA

10.New York University: Stern ,USA

11.University of Chicago: Booth , USA

12.Iese Business School, SPAIN

13.Dartmouth College: Tuck , USA


15.Indian School of Business , ISB

ISB is the only indian B-School to feature in the top 100 list. Dont be surprised by the absence of the IIM's, they did not participate.

The Indian School of Business is located in Hyderabad, India providing postgraduate programmes in Management (Master of Business Administration - MBA), post doctoral programmes, as well as executive education programmes for business executives. It was founded on December 2, 1999 by a group of Fortune 500 entrepreneurs in collaboration with Andhra Pradesh's state government. Rajat Gupta, former Managing Director of McKinsey & Company worldwide and Nara Chandrababu Naidu, the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh played a key role in establishing the institution

ISB boasts of an illustrious board, some of the board members include Rajat Gupta, Anil Ambani, Rahul Bajaj Yogesh Deveshwar, Kiran Mazumdar–Shaw, K P Singh, Lakshmi Mittal, N R Narayana Murthy, Shiv Nadar, Deepak Parekh, K. V. Kamath, Harish Manwani.

To know more about the Lists of B-schools across the world click

personalities quiz two

Here is a list of Personalities...just identify......I am not giving any hints to the pics just to make the quiz tougher!!!!


Personalities are from different fields Consulting,Advertsing,Construction,Entertainment,Management,Publishing,Fashion etc etc
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